Strong and Bold: Famous artists and their songs about sex

The World of Sex and Music

Have you noticed that songs about sex have become one of the mainstream and trending topics in the world of music? Many artists pass this theme through their works because they know that this is what attracts people.


Does music excite people or help them normalize topics like this? A little bit of both. Also, many songs talk about making love, tenderness, and relationships, not just quick sex.


Heartaches, teenage love, female bodies, male masculinity, and quite the opposite are the stories that affect people. All people have to experience almost all of it at some point. In this text, we single out some of the strong performers who make music about sex.


This famous artist wants to be liked by most and knows exactly how to do it. She provokes us with her provoking looks, movements on stage, and, above all, great lyrics in her songs about sex. I know what you mean. But, the “Like a Virgin” song was never about sex. However, there are quite a few others she wrote and performed that spoke to our hearts.


The song “S.E.X.,” being one of her most provocative works, must be the first one we will remind you of. Madonna begins the song with a quiet but bold pronunciation of the word sex. Further in the song, she talks about hardcore moments: “Oh my God, you’re so hard, pull my hair, let me get on top.”


Then comes “Erotica.” With the “Let my mouth go where it wants to” part of, it is quite obvious to us that this is the type of sex where the woman is the leader. And who remembers the song “Justify My Love”? By all accounts, Madonna is open about sexuality. Sex inspires her. And through the songs, we find that she likes to be dedicated and enjoys hardcore moments.


The sexiest of all Beyonce’s songs about sex is the song “Partition.” “We ain’t even gonna make it to this club” obviously calls for dirty deeds in the car. “Drunk In Love” is yet another one where she shares how much she wants him and how she can’t keep her hands off him.


“Send all your sins all over me baby” in the song “Rocket” is another sentence that excites and provokes. Although music about sex may have lyrics that completely obscure what is being sung about, this song is not one of them. It speaks clearly about how Beyonce feels, what she wants from the relationship, and how attached she is.

Lady Gaga

Her songs are a bit mysterious, but they have a message. So in the song “Again Again,” she addresses the man with: “When you’re ’round I lose myself inside your mouth.” In the same song, while she longs for him, she suffers from the fact that she can’t have him because he belongs to someone else.


Perhaps an analysis of that song leads to the conclusion that this famous artist has suffered for love many times. However, in the song “Heavy Metal Lover,” she openly asks for cunnilingus with “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south.”


Then she suddenly points out to him to “Bring all your friends because a group does it better,” which definitely sounds like a call for group sex. The song may also sound like a song about a metal band. But it does prove that there’s a fun side of Lady Gaga too.


“You got me moaning now. I got a secret that I wanna show you”. These are the lyrics from one of Rihanna’s early songs about sex. But then, in the song “Rude Boy,” she sings: “Boy is you big enough / Take it, take it, baby.” It’s pretty clear what she applies to in that one.


“I can be your dominatrix / Just submit to my every order / Enter my diamond matrix / If you want my golden flower” are the lyrics from the song “Cockiness (Love It). The song is about her dark side, which is love among BDSM. Through her songs, Rihanna sends the message that she loves sex.  

Cardi B

She’s filthy and gorgeous, direct and honest. “WAP” is one of the songs where she and Megan Thee Stallion sing about sex while looking hot in the video together. “Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak” and “Extra large and extra hard” are the hardcore lyrics.


“Put this pussy right in your face, swipe your nose like a credit card” This shows how dominant they like to be and control the game. Another one to check from Cardi B is the song “Press.” The video starts with a threesome between her, a woman, and a man. Interesting, ain’t it?


This unique rap singer also has a unique name, Belcalis Almanzar, who will not leave you indifferent. She’s proud of her roots, and she’s proud of what she became. Nothing is stopping her! If you haven’t heard any of her songs so far, we recommend starting with the “Press,” which has a rather sharp and dynamic atmosphere.

Nicki Minaj

Unlike Cardi, Nicki has been on stage for a long time, and we’re pretty sure she slipped through your ears, if not in the comfort of your home, then in some store or a cafe. Music about sex is not a strange topic for her. With so many songs about sex behind her, we can say that she loves her job!


We will single out the song “Sex In the Longue.” “They gonna hear the sound of our sex in the lounge” is the crazy hot lyrics in the song, followed by a great melody. Then there’s the “Rich Sex” song. Her focus in this song is who she is and what she longs for in life.


Nicki Minaj has always loved a lavish life, freedom, and lots of fun. Did you know that she’s one-quarter Indian? Yeah, you heard that right! No wonder she is so special! She also has a game called “The Empire”! Her future looks like remaining bright.


Sex music is one of the best things to have fun with or without wine. Also, if you are planning a romantic evening, don’t forget to make a playlist of your favorite tunes and enjoy!