Locking Butt Plugs For Anal Chastity

What Is Anal Chastity?

When we talk about chastity, it’s safe to assume most people think of medieval maidens and their locked genitals. Even if those restricting contraptions weren’t precisely what we imagine today, they didn’t offer a lot of sensation. Luckily, the world has since changed.

For better or worse, we can’t deny that there’s no longer forcible restrictions placed on young ladies. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but certainly in the more developed parts of the globe. People now willingly indulge in such restrictive scenarios and enjoy locking themselves in all sorts of chastity cages and devices.

So, besides locking their genitals in cock cages and penis rings, people who both love “hind door action” and Dom/Sub play, lock their asses with anal chastity sex toys. These gadgets are specifically made to restrict anal sex while offering some sort of pleasurable sensation. And just like your regular butt plugs, they stimulate your rectum. But this time, when locked, they stay in place until further notice.

Who Engages in Anal Chastity?

Even if all sorts of groups and demographics love anal sex, we can argue that only certain folks enjoy rectal chastity. Anal stimulation is a big part of sex — millions of nerve endings, etc. — but there’s something chastity offers that other kinds of play just can’t. A particular kind of dominance and submission exchange exists here.

People who engage in BDSM play usually go for a lockable butt plug, although it’s not always the case. But since the lock and key fit the culture so well, we’ll assume they make a large portion of people who buy and use such anal toys. Nonetheless, it’s easy to picture a Dom locking their submissive partner.

The reason why it works well in BDSM is the fact that locking something in your partner’s ass is pretty humiliating but pleasant at the same time. A ton of people get off on stuff like this. It’s a pretty popular toy to explore your anal potential. After all, it just feels good.

Why Locking Butt Plugs Are Great For Anal Chastity


Since some people love to deprive themselves of what they want, anal chastity is perfect for them. Similar sex toys for men already exist, but this time it’s not about your penis — it’s all about your backdoor. Inserting a plug-like metal gadget in the rectum, it stands still, restricting further anal penetration.

Male chastity devices like cock cages prevent the penis from getting erect, while here, there’s no real movement danger involved. Here, the ass simply gets shut down, making penetration impossible. No getting in or leaving! So, it would be a smart idea to empty your body before going for it. If your keyholder isn’t available when you experience bowel movement, it can get messy.

The device is metal, but it’s never heavy. There’s no danger of an average person needing to sit down because the weight is pulling them down. It’s a simple lock on your rectum, and it works perfectly.

It’s important to state that these lockable butt plugs come in all sorts of sizes. So, people who’re just starting with anal don’t need to worry — they’ll find a suitable plug made for their level of enjoyment. Moreover, it can be a great guide to anal and the merits it carries around with it.

Locking Butt Plug Description

These lockable plugs, resembling their classic counterparts, also come in a similar style. With a flared base, expanding neck, and a narrow top, the toy is perfectly suited for penetration. Like mentioned, it has a flared base, which is very important, making sure it can’t get stuck inside of the canal. Some cheap butt plugs lack such a finish, which is why spending real money makes such unfortunate outcomes practically nonexistent.

Lockable models are made of metal, so cleaning isn’t a problem if you get them dirty by any chance. But it’s recommended to use condoms on top of these toys, restricting possible nasty infections.

Lockable plugs work well with all kinds of lube, but we’d always suggest water-based types, as they are safe for the majority of people. Playing safe is the fundamental part of a great sex session, so don’t risk anything.

Also, the reason why these anal plugs differ from the crowd is their main component — their expendable body. Once placed in the anus, with a simple turn of the key, the device can get bigger. Depending on your preferences, it can get massive or stay small for people who like it more gentle. It’s fairly simple to use, with just the key as the controller for the size of the toy.

Of course, once it’s inside of you and the key turns enough, it stays in place. So if you want to move around with it, it won’t fall out. You can wear it away from your home with some baggy pants, and it won’t show. It’s discrete enough for all kinds of activities besides your kinky sessions.

Key Safekeeping

Before concluding this glorious anal tale, we find it important to talk about keys and safekeeping. With how this kink works, it’s easy to overestimate yourself in thinking you can last longer and have your keyholder go away, leaving you “in chains” until they’re back.

That can be a problem if you don’t have a spare key to use in an emergency. Bowel movements can be unpredictable sometimes, so, in order not to mess yourself up, you’ll need to remove the device. Therefore, having a spare key is the only safe bet when using such anal sex toys.

Also, a responsible key holder will estimate if the Sub can last enough. That is, they won’t endanger them by having them wear the device for a longer time than acceptable. Playing safe and having a good time don’t need to exclude each other. Hence, to enjoy your sessions, don’t overestimate yourself, and all will be fine.