Is There An Evidence That Chastity Can Improve Your Sex Life?

For the first time, the chastity belt was mentioned in the legend of Semiramis. The Assyrian queen was worried that women living in the palace would seduce her beloved son, so Semiramis ordered to chain all the ladies into iron belts. In 1889, a belt of allegiance made of leather and iron was found by a treasure hunter in the city of Linz (Austria) in the grave of a young woman. The woman, as it turned out, was buried in the XVI century.

From the 18th century until the 30s of the 20th century, medicine faced such a general problem, like masturbation. Hundreds of references can be found in medical journals of the time, so in those years, chastity belts were used as a fight against self-satisfaction among girls and teenagers. Many patents were received by inventors who created various chastity belts and other devices to combat masturbation, before the beginning of 1930, when self-satisfaction was removed from the list of causes contributing to psychological disorder.

In addition, some working women in the 19th century allegedly used chastity belts to protect their heads, male colleagues, or maniacs from sexual assault. At that time, women could not wear Venetian cells for a long time without a break due to unsanitary conditions; modern belts are created taking into account sanitary and hygienic standards.

Modern chastity belts for women are made in the likeness of traditional “Florentine” patterns, using leather belts that surround the waist and hips and using a kind of metal shield that passes between the legs and covers the genitals. Nowadays, manufacturers of women’s chastity belts add special accessories to their Venetian lattices to satisfy erotic fantasies in BDSM games. For example, attach an additional slot to the inside of the shield with a dildo, which can only be removed by the key holder. Also, most shields in the form of an ordinary accessory are provided with anal shields, which forcibly hold the anal plugs in the nutria of the carrier of the belt.

In order for the chastity belt to bring only positive emotions and not to harm health, you need to seriously consider choosing a Venetian cell. The belt should be the right size for you, with comfortable adjusting belts and other devices and accessories that cannot damage your genitals. Women’s chastity belts designed for long wear should be made of medical stainless steel or titanium in order to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

The advantages of the chastity and piercing are numerous. He is able to physically restrain the impulses of self-satisfaction and sexual acts on the side. Your partner will be mentally calm, knowing that you are faithful only to him. For the thrill of sensation, you can also entrust the keys to the cell of loyalty to your beloved, so you can develop humility towards your partner. Your chosen one will appreciate the chaste mood that you show when using a belt. Just imagine how close you are to the fact that your partner will have privileged access to your vagina and free you from the shackles of your choice. You will have to behave very well and carefully, because otherwise he can open the lock after a year or two.

The main and, perhaps, the only drawback of the chastity belt is the impossibility of wearing it with narrow jeans or trousers, due to the fact that its outlines are strongly visible and visible on tight-fitting clothing. To hide the fact that you wear a chastity belt from the public, simply wear flared skirts or dresses.

Thus, a chastity belt will bring more variety and advantages than inconveniences to your life. Browse our range of chastity belts, and choose the perfect device for yourself or your partner. Here’s a Guide to Male Chastity device usage so that using these will come easy and not as intimidating.

According to the traditional point of view, the belt of chastity or loyalty appeared in the Middle Ages and was used as a protection of the owner from rape. Museums store innocence protecting items in the storerooms, which are made of iron and leather, as well as inlaid with precious metals and covered with embossing. The most exquisite belts were made by Italian craftsmen. These are the famous “Bergamo castle” and “Venetian lattice”, which only members of high society could afford. When conducting retrospective studies, it turned out that the early instances of the attributes of “loyalty and chastity” date back to the first half of the eighteenth century, and, therefore, has a more recent origin than expected. Consequently, knights, going on a campaign and “locking up on a key” the charms of their beloved wives, are just figurative literary fiction.

It is confirmed that on the border of the 18-19 centuries during the period of sexual maturation of a teenage child, doctors recommended protecting the penis or vagina of a teenager from dangerous experiments. It was assumed that adolescent masturbation leads to dementia and incurable diseases. The young men, having matured, got rid of the accessory, while some girls wore it before the wedding, which was considered an indisputable advantage when married.

The growing resistance to repressive-puritanical attitudes towards sex, which the traditional church has adhered to, has led to the fact that certain sections of society have actively accepted the idea of ??destroying dogmas in the sphere of sensual pleasures and attitudes towards unconventional sex. The “belt of fidelity”, originally conceived as a tool restricting the freedom of action of adolescents, was transformed into a sex toy, opening the way for various intimate impressions.

The execution of the modern belt of fidelity for men and the belt of fidelity for women differs little from the historical analogue and looks like a set of interconnected metal plates, rings, straps and chains, which cannot be removed without outside help. The necessary parts of the body are locked; a penis strap and a genital band are used.

Belt of fidelity, as a type of sex toys, belongs to the class BDSM. Role-playing games in the style of bdsm imply mutual trust and power exchange. Element to achieve orgasm are “unequal” relations of partners, which manifest themselves as domination and submission. A man or a woman, as a slave, is forced to restrain desires, and the master (s) seeks to receive pleasure through domination and causing moderate physical pain. For a variety of sensations, men’s and women’s chastity belt can be supplemented with a variety of accessories, for example, use handcuffs, collars, leg bracelets, steel bras (“chastity bra”), hoops for hips and forearms.

In this embodiment, there are 5 sizes of rings: 3.8 cm, 4.1 cm, 4.5 cm, 4.8 cm, 5.1 cm. These rings serve to grip and hold the main body of the chastity belt. The ring encircles the base of the penis and the top of the testicles and should be chosen from the principle: the minimum size that is not overwhelmed and worn comfortably. I did not measure the diameter of my member (although the manufacturers directly advise to do just that) and without problems chose from the presented rings the one that suited me perfectly.

In the abstract and on my own, we can say that one should not get carried away and succumb to thirst and arousal and put a squeezing genital ring on a man more than necessary. In the case of a temporary game, such an option is possible, however, this belt implies long-term wearing and in the long-term, repression is fraught with serious health consequences! In the case, if the size of the ring is larger than necessary, then the entire belt will not sit tight and of course can be removed by a man without permission.