Expert Guide on Inserting Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are in use since the historic times to enhance sexual energy and overall health in women. These are semi-precious stones that are carved and polished in the shape of an egg. As these stones are inserted into the vaginal canal, these are called “Yoni Eggs”. “Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for vagina. Sometimes these are also called “Jade Eggs” as jade is one of the most popular stones for yoni eggs. Are you too aspiring to bond up with Yoni eggs? Well, that’s great and here is a brief guide on how to insert Yoni Eggs for your convenience.

Before you insert the stone, there are some preparatory steps. We will discuss that first and then we will move to the insertion part. You’ll also know which kegel balls are proper gifts to give in this guide.

Cleansing and purification

First, you will have to cleanse the stone to free it from all the negative vibes attached to it. There are two ways to cleanse and purify Yoni Eggs. One is through Himalayan salt and another is through burnt sage.

Cleansing with Himalayan salt (pink)

Simply put some Himalayan salt into water and let it boil. After the water has cooled down, drop the egg in it and let it rest for 5 minutes. Then, you can take it out and use it.

Cleansing with burnt sage

Burn sage and smudge the stone with it extensively.  The cleansing cloud should be allowed to encompass both the stone and surrounds.

Charge it

After the stone is cleaned and purified, you will have to charge it moon or sunlight.

Bond with the stone

Bonding with the stone is really crucial to enable it to perform at its peak. The process is very simple. You will simply need to hold it on your palm. You can also place it on your bare navel. Then, focus on the goals that you wish to attain through the stone. If there is nobody in your house at that moment, you may speak out the wishes. Otherwise, you can simply say them in the head. Repeat them multiple times till you feel a divine connection with yoni eggs.

Warm up

We have almost reached to the main lap of the process. It’s just that before you insert the stone, you have to warm up a bit. Breast & nipple massages are a great way to gear up for the Yoni egg experience. You can use a soft fabric or silk scarf for massage. The yoni egg massage will nudge your endocrine system as well as stimulate your kidneys to churn up the stored sexual energy. Gradually, you will also focus on inner thighs, followed by groin, perineum and finally vulva. As you reach the vulva, start drawing circles around vaginal opening to stimulate it.

Lubricate the egg

It’s always better to lubricate the stone before you insert it in your vagina. Lubrication will assure a smooth journey inside. Try to go for a chemical-free lube. Coconut oil (extra virgin) is a fantastic lubricant. You should lube up the vaginal opening alongside as well.

Insert the egg

After you have lubed up, it’s finally the time to insert the egg. Take the pointed end and insert it first. You don’t have to rush. Just nudge it gently but firmly and your muscles will pull it up inside. You can insert the egg either laying down or in horse stance. The bottom-line is the position that helps you with easy access to the vaginal opening is the ideal posture for you to insert the stone inside.

Don’t worry, the stone will not get lost inside your body. It will stop moving further once it reaches to your cervix wall.