10 awesome benefits women can get from male chastity

Male chastity is something many people don’t know anything about. There are misconceptions about it being pure torture for men. Well, just because you’re used to masturbating every single day doesn’t mean this will be too hard on you. There are many benefits of male chastity if you are a guy too, but let’s talk about what women get out of it.

Chastity stops your man from wasting his time and libido masturbating

The first of many benefits is that your man won’t be able to masturbate anymore. That might seem like a cruel punishment, but there’s much more to come. 

Masturbating is only a waste of time and precious libido. Instead, he could be pleasing you in any way you want him to. Trust us when we say that masturbation will be the last thing on his mind. A stainless steel cage will keep him in check at all times. At this point, all you need to do is make him yours entirely. He has to know his place.

Your sex life will improve

Just think about it for a second. You don’t let your man reach orgasm or even touch you for days. Not only will he be frustrated, but he will want to do his best to please you too. That automatically makes your sex life so much better. 

He will do your bidding in bed, and you won’t even have to guide him to have a good time. Think of it as letting a hungry beast out of the cage. Well, that’s what you’re doing, except your man is hungry for sex and orgasms. All you need to do is turn the key.

Your relationship will become stronger

If you feel like you don’t have a strong bond with your partner, a male chastity device can help greatly. Nope, that’s not a joke. So, how does it happen? Male chastity, or being denied something, makes your partner more open and honest. In turn, you’ll want to be more open with him as well. 

That will result in your communication improving dramatically. When that happens, everything else will simply follow. Communicating your needs and feelings properly is what makes every relationship strong. Maybe you can do it in the form of dirty talking?

His orgasms will improve

Masturbating every single day can make orgasms a bit underwhelming. Sometimes it can even feel like a chore. So, stop doing it. As your man won’t be able to masturbate whenever he’s bored, his penis will be able to gain back its natural sensitivity. 

It’s all about scheduling ejaculation. That’s how the sensitivity returns. When that happens, it’s only natural that his orgasms will be stronger as well. He will be thankful for you and can even be motivated to keep up chastity for longer.

You will never have to worry about him cheating on you

Another thing chastity is great for is keeping your man faithful. Yes, we all have urges, but some of us don’t know how to not act on them. If you’ve had these issues before, or you’re just fearful that something might happen, a chastity cage or something similar is the answer. 

The only woman who has the key to his heart and his penis is you. Having an erection with a cage on isn’t the most comfortable thing. So, next time he has lustful thoughts that aren’t about you, he will get a proper reminder of who he belongs to. 

The romance will come back into your relationship

Who would’ve thought that this is what it took for your man to be romantic again? Sometimes, sex toys really are the answer. Since it’s all about restrictions, he obviously won’t have much luck getting laid every day. In turn, he will resort to romancing you. He might be doing it in hopes of getting out of the cage sooner or just because he learned his lesson. His reasons don’t matter anyway. 

What matters is that you now get to have your old partner back. The one that took you on dates and gave you flowers. That sounds like a dream come true to us.

Chastity ensures you’ll never have to perform oral sex on him again

Not all of us are crazy about giving oral sex to our partners. Maybe we don’t think we’re any good or just don’t like to do it. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the reason may be, male chastity serves as a one-way ticket out of oral sex land. Well, that’s only when it comes to him being on the receiving end. 

Your man will be happy with whatever you give him. That means he won’t bother you about blowjobs or any other requests he might have. Of course, you can always give him a little treat if you feel like it.

Your partner will become more attentive of your needs


Once you have trained him well, he will know exactly what to do. Until then, you’ll have to spend some time ensuring he knows all of your weak spots. It’s only natural that he will obey, and here’s why. He doesn’t have himself and his desires to focus on. In turn, he will focus on yours. 

He knows that doing a good job will bring him some rewards. Besides, who doesn’t like being a good boy? We know he certainly does.

He’ll become much more helpful around the house if his cock is caged

Pleasing you doesn’t just involve sexual satisfaction. We’re sure many other things would make you happy. Wouldn’t you like someone else doing the dishes or cleaning around the house? He can do it for you. In fact, he’ll be more than happy to.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this makes him your slave. You should always have his feelings in mind too. So, if he’s down to do some cleaning, let him, but don’t force him into something he doesn’t want.

He’ll feel better about himself

Yes, it’s entirely possible for your man to feel better while practicing chastity. After all, this isn’t some torture device (unless both parties consent). Too much masturbating can desensitize both his penis and him. Once you take that away from him, he will be able to channel his sexuality the only way he really should — towards and into you. 

That is bound to make him feel so much better. He will be proud of how much self-control he has. Not only that, he will be happy that he’s able to please his wife like never before. So, give him the chance to do so. You can also make it a fun activity by letting him choose his chastity cage from amazing online stores like www.lovegasm.co.


There are so many benefits to male chastity and cock cages, and those benefits are something both parties experience. You’ll no longer need sex tips for better intercourse because your man will do whatever he can to please you in bed. If you want your relationship to flourish, you should definitely try this out. Maybe you could even combine the cage with a butt plug!